Bats Day 2002
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Larry doing some Cooking  Val and Heather  The beach from our vantage point  Enjoying the food  Val, Heather, and Karen 
Chow Time  Cooking the fish  Karen, Brian, Kim, Jen, Heather, Carley, Val  Some people from behind  Larry, Karen, V 
Cute picture of Val  Marty is a lucky guy  Huddled around the grill for warmth  Fire Good!  Val, Sachiko, and FIRE! 
Both coolers broke at the same time  Heather, Karen, Corby, Dave, and V  Rich and someone else  Val and Sachiko  Migrating birds 
Jen and Carley  Devin, Heather, Brian  Devin on the bluff  Standing around  V eating 
People whose names I don't know standing around  Nemme and Larry  Carley and Kevin  Overlooking the ocean  Renee, possibly a bit overdressed for a barbecue 
Devin on the beach  Group shot  Another group shot  Brian and Jen 

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