Bats Day 2002
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Stoic Devin  Kite Flying  Edgar and Bren getting it on  Heather and Frisbee  Sitting around 
Group Shot  Lisa is not in this photo  Heather running around in a flying pose  Sachiko  Devin again 
Eating  Corby and Edgar  From left to right:  Kim, Carley, Sachiko, V, Heather, Edgar, Corby, Val  Shirtless Edgar and Bren  Carley and V and a football 
Heather and Corby  Shot from the tree  Edgar in the tree  Another shot from the tree  Devin and Edgar in the tree 
More tree climbing  More more tree climbing  A bunch of us in the tree  Corby flying the kite  Low flying kite! 
More sitting around  Edgar sleeping  Bren and Carley  Watching the fish  Watching the fish some more 
Junebugs  Edgar in those new rimless sunglasses 

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