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Q. Where did the name "Helterskeletor" come from?
A. Well it's an obvious pun on the Beatles' "Helter Skelter" and He-Man nemesis Skeletor. Not that either of us are big fans of either, Devin just thought of it one night and decided it was funny enough to be a domain name. Note that this was long before it was announced that Cartoon Network were going to be airing a new He-Man series; it was most defintely an 80s nostalgia thing.

For a little insight into how Devin's mind works, here's how he got the inspiration for the name: One night we were watching an episode of the greatest TV show ever, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (I believe it was either "Hellcats" or "Sidehackers") and Crow made a comment along the lines of "she misspelled Helter Skelter". So Devin immediately thought to himself, "how do you misspell that?", and then it came to him.

Q. Who designed the site?
A. Val did most of the graphics and layout of the site. Devin looked at her mock-up and made suggestions. Val ignored the suggestions, promptly told Devin to "Shut his piehole", and finished the site herself.

Content/photos come from both of us.

Q. How did a dorky guy like Devin end up with a babe like Val?
A. Val asks herself this very question every single day.

Q. Are these questions really "Frequently Asked"?
A. Most of these questions haven't even been asked once, let alone enough times to be "Frequently Asked".

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