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2004 East Coast Visit
(February 01, 2004; Commentary by Val)

  Flew out to the east coast to visit family at the end of January.

Took a trip over to RPI to peruse Devin's old haunts. Lots of little changes here and there. But, overall, still the same RPI. Took lots of significant pics that will mean nothing to most of you.

After wards met one of my closest friends from highschool, Daniel. We went to the Ambrosia diner in Catskill and I got to meet her two-year old daughter, Kaylee. Sat around talking about what we'd been up to over the past several years, then took a trip down to Woodstock to hang out and meet her s/o Brandon.
Spent lots of quality time with my dad and stepmom. Even got to play old school Mario games with Devin. :)

Drove down to NJ to visit Billy, Missy, Brenna, and Aidan. Had a grand old time chatting with Bill and Missy, and playing with the little munchkins.

Then drove down to Long Island to visit Devin's parents. Spent some time in the City visiting old friends and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

For pictures from our trip, please click the image below.

Lovely Catkskill...

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