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St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

  Devin and I took a trip to the island of St. John back in January of 2001. The trip was part of Oracle Club, which essentially means that we didn't have to pay for the hotel or plane tickets...just the tax on my plane ticket.

The island was absolutely beautiful, but a bit pricey (which is why it was so nice to have Oracle picking up the bill.) Its certainly the sort of place we wouldn't have gone to on our own (mainly because it was so desperately overpriced.)

Here are some of the pictures we took:

Our room   A pelican on the front pier   Devin standing on our balcony   The view from our balcony  
These pictures were taken at the Westin Hotel in St. John, USVI. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the ocean was the most brilliant shade of turquoise.

Iguana regulating its temperature in the shade   Devin and Val at Gazebo   Many iguanas basking  
These were taken around the Gazebo near the beach. There were so many iguanas around! One of the hotel attendants would come out and feed them hibiscus flowers in the afternoon.

Val on the pier   Devin on the pier   Devin on a bench on the pier   Devin on a bench on the pier 2  
And here are some pictures of Devin and I standing on the pier in front of the hotel.

Sunset 01   Sunset 02   Sunset 03   St Thomas  
We saw some really amazing sunsets from that pier. The picture on the far right is of a small stretch of ocean between St. John and St. Thomas. (St. Thomas is seen in the background.)

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