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This page is dedicated to our favorite little fat cat...

  We adopted Little back in 1997 from a woman who couldn't keep him (or any of his siblings) anymore. He was about four years old when we first brought him home. Little was the last of the bunch to go, and it broke our hearts to see how devastated his previous owner was to let him go.

Little's previous owner initially named him "Azby", but immediately began calling him "Little" because he was the smallest of her three cats. (Yeah, this 16lb little monkey was the "smallest"...yeesh!)

Please enjoy these pictures of our adorable little guy:

No, mommy!  No!  Water bad!
  Its bath time! And Little clings to Val like a monkey.

  He has no claws, so he's able to hold on by brute strength alone. He just wrapped his paws around Val's waist and held on for dear life.

Hey, is this for me?
  This was Little's first encounter with the two story kitty condo in Chicago. He just kinda sat like that, sniffing the inside of it with eyes as wide as saucers.

What's up, baby?
  This is the new one story kitty condo we bought for the cats in San Diego. I still don't know how Little managed to squeeze his big butt into it...

You must be this swarthy to enter...
  Ashtanga-kitty, yeah...that's it. He sat like this on the couch for about ten minutes, before getting up to find out what the hell Val was laughing at.

He loves me!
  Oh, he is just such a handsome little mandy...

Spider kisses...
  He's bored of this toy now, but man did he have a ball when we first gave it to him!

Spine? Whats a spine?
  And here's Little hanging out in his new favorite area...the cat carrier. Yeah, you heard me right. The same cat carrier that he tried to squeeze out of during the long drive from Chicago. What a monkey.

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