Our little Princess...
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This page is dedicated to our favorite little Princess...

  Once Upon a Time, there lived a beautiful little Princess without a name. She was very sad because a big bad troll had left her all alone in the world to fend for herself at the tender age of 5 weeks.

One day, two maidens fair were having tea in the kitchen when one of them heard what sounded like a bird chirping. After a moment, one of the maidens said "It sounds like that bird needs help. I'm going to go look for it." And when she opened the door, she was surprised to find a beautiful little black calico kitten stuck to the upper half of her screen door!

The fair maiden knew that the Princess was still too young, and would need to be bottle fed for a little while longer. So, she rushed to the nearest pet store and begged them to take the poor abandoned Princess. Fortunately, this was the pet store where Val worked...and she had a mother barn cat who was still nursing kittens.

So Val brought the little Princess home, named her Grrrlie (though her mother tried to name her "Annie" as in Little Orphan Annie, but Val thought that was rather silly)...and brought the little Princess to live with her forever and ever. And the little Princess was the happiest kitty in the whole wide world.

Please enjoy these pictures of our most precious little Princess:

  Here's my sweet little Grrrlie as a kitten, hiding in my mother's antique table. How did she fit in there anyway?

Oh no!  The rack!
  Here she is hanging out in the sink. She still hangs out in bathtubs now. I don't quite get the fascination....

Ho, ho, ho!
  This picture is so cute. The clock that she's laying near is fashioned to look like a fireplace and mantle...so it's like she's laying infront of the fire on a cold winter day.

Kitty crack...
  Above is a series of pictures of Grrrlie enjoying the delight which is Jef's shoes. She used to go nuts with those things!

Hey, is this for me??
  Here she is checking out the new two-story kitty condo in Chicago.

Totem Cats
  And here are both kitties enjoying the kitty condo.

I love me mum, she's the greatest.
  This is a photo I just took of Grrrlie hanging out on the living room floor. In her youth, my favorite nickname for her was the "Ninja Cat". She has particularly long fur on the bottoms of her feet, which makes her extra stealthy. Plus her agility and grace was quite a site to behold.

Kitty cigar fun
  Now she's getting older, and she's not as frisky as she used to be. Though, she's still a ball of energy when her mood is right. Here she is playing with the faux fur kitty cigar...

Put down that camera and play with me!
  ...I tell you, cats LOVE these damn cigars.

Wh-wh...who's there?
  While Little is the outgoing cat, Grrrlie is the shy and timid one. Here she is staring at the front door while our neighbors return home. The sound of loud footsteps really upsets her.

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